Forward Motion Management and Media LLC

Forward Motion Management and Media LLC

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About Our Company

Established in 2016, Forward Motion Management and Media LLC is a full-fledged management and media company. We started the company to have full creative and artistic control of content, as well as help artists create and promote music.

Our company is focused on remaining independent while building a fan base for our current and future artists. Many of our musicians do not need to depend on mainstream culture for acceptance or validity. Our team strives hard to create high-quality products and events in line with our brand.

We also aspire to build powerful relationships between artists  and audiences . To accomplish this, we maintain an online presence through social media partnerships and content development.

We work hard to independently build and maintain excellence in all of our business and product developments. Our company was inspired by the following independent firms:

  • No Limit Records
  • Strange Music Group

  • Suave House
  • Ruthless Records

  • Rap-o-Lot Records

About Musiq Matisse

Musiq Matisse is an artist, writer, content producer, manager, and managerial consultant. He has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years. Prior to the advancement of social media, Musiq Matisse owned and operated Rufcut Entertainment, which was an independently operated regional street team and marketing company that started in Brooklyn, New York and Columbia, South Carolina.

This  allowed him to come in contact with a wide variety of independent firms, major music companies, as well as individual artists.

Musiq Matisse is also the former Managing Editor of the West Coast-based TRUE Magazine. Artist interviews  conducted during his tenure there include but are not limited to the following:

  • 50 Cent
  • Tha Dogg Pound

  • Chingy
  • Busta Rhymes

  • Twista

He has been a managing consultant to several artists  such as Tracey Lee (Universal Records) and NAAM Brigade (Elektra, Artist Direct).  Musiq’s experience and insight in this industry have given him a plethora of knowledge and experience that will serve Forward Motion Management well in its quest to maintain a core fan base and release independent content.

Musiq Matisse is also the creator and producer of THE AIR ASSAULT MIXTAPE RADIO (2004 to 2008) on as well as INSTUDIO (2016) on Currently, he is a special events correspondent for

A Message From Musiq Matisse

I understand that maintaining ownership and independence as well as creative control over your product is the only way to ensure your own success in the current business of music. It’s not how much you sell, it’s about what you are getting back from the amount sold.

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

A.R.T- FORWARD MOTION MANAGEMENT LLC is proud to announce the signing of our  debut artist and  Brooklyns  own A.R.T. (Articulate , Rhymes ,Thoughts ) .........
Hailing from BROOKLYNS  COOPER Projects A.R.T. is an emcee that is ready to drop hit songs and hot sixteens as well as make  clubs across the country lit .  This  street scholar is educated in the streets  as well as the classroom ,   After obtaining his  bachelors degree in sociology  he is ready to attack the music industry and take it by storm .............Here at FORWARD MOTION MANAGEMENT and MEDIA  we are expecting great things from this artist .......Coming from the home of superstar emcees JAY -Z and the NOTORIOUS B.I.G. we feel confident that the legacy of BROOKLYN is in very good hands .........We look forward to the release of the new single and video ....and much more  .............LETS WIN


Musiq Matisse -"INSTUDIO" W/ SKYZOO
Fresh from a 30 city sold out tour in Europe in the spring of 2017...... Brooklyns own SKYZOO sits down with Forward Motion Managements Musiq Matisse right before he takes the stage at Brooklyns PAPERBOX .